Exchanges between systems – a cross-border network

Veolia Powerline Kaczyce (formerly NWR Energetyka PL) owns the Pogwizdów 110/6 kV transformer station that supplies electricity on the 110 kV voltage level to a unit isolated from the Czech electricity grid. Two hard coal mines owned by OKD, the largest coal company in the Czech Republic, use this unit.

What´s new

Dalkia Powerline changes its name to Veolia Powerline Kaczyce

Talks between the Veolia Group and EDF Group on the termination of their partnership cooperation were closed in July 2014, whereupon Veolia became the sole shareholder in Dalkia’s operations outside France. In the wake of Dalkia in the Czech Republic Group moving under the Veolia flagship, its companies will be renamed one by one. Effective as of 30 March 2015, Dalkia Powerline has been renamed Veolia Powerline Kaczyce.